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IPL Tour Framework

Welcome to the Inovia Prime Tour Framework! An innovative way of generating sightseeing tours for distribution and sale on smartphone platforms including iPhone and Android.

If you want a quick overview in the form of an interactive mind map, click on the following image. (You may need to allow active content in your browser to be able to view the mind map. If the mind map doesn't show first time, please click on the refresh button in your browser.)

Mind map overview

Here's a more detailed description of how the IPL Tour Framework helps you to design, develop and sell your sightseeing tour idea. Please follow the links below.

 Principles of the IPL Tour Framework

The IPL Tour Framework produces smartphone sightseeing applications that have a high level of visual content. The original tour - Oxford Highlights - was created by Inovia Prime and a well known professional photographer - Rob Judges (Church Road Publishing) - who is based in Oxford. So, the quality of the images in the tour is very high.

Our ethos is to try to make it as easy as possible for you to construct similar tours around interesting collections of sight and to build an app with high quality visual content. We provide the IPL Tour Framework free-of-charge to enable you to do this without having to buy or learn significant technical skills to develop the app.

The only thing limiting the subjects around which you can create a Tour is your imagination and, of course, the quality and appropriateness criteria that we insist on (see Quality Assurance below).

We make our (modest!) money by writing our own tours using the framework (such as our vey first tour - Oxford Highlights) and levying a small commission on the sales of your app.


Quality assurance

We want to maintain that high level of quality in all the tours that our partners produce so, as part of the publication process, we will apply a quality assurance step before any tour is published using the IPL Tour Framework. This step will include a review of the overall content of the tour and we will not allow any content that we consider to be inappropriate.


What does a Tour look like?

The best way to get an understanding of the IPL Tour Framework is to go to Apple's App Store or the Android Marketplace and download a copy of Oxford Highlights. (You will have to make a small investment of £2.59!) However, here is an overview.

Every tour has a standard 4-element structure. Click on each component to get more information


How do you build your Tour?

First, have a great idea for your tour! If you want to float your idea with us, we will be happy to comment. Just contact Inovia Prime or Rob Judges.

Next, download the "Tour Design and Content Template". This is a ZIP file that contains a number of template plus instructions on how to fill out the template, how to supply your images and other pointers to creating a great Tour.

Once you have populated the templates and assembled the photos, you should put the files into a single ZIP file and email it to


How do you test your Tour app?

Testing your app on an iPhone requires a different setup compared to testing your app on an Android phone.


To test your app on an iPhone requires that you register each of the tester's iPhones with Apple. When registration is complete, you have to install a special provisioning file on your phone. You do this by adding the provisioning file to iTunes and sync'ing your phone.

To install the app, you add the app file to iTunes and sync your phone.

Inovia Prime will provide you with the provisioning file and the app. We will also provide you with detailed help to get the provisioning file set up and the app installed.

Note that you can undertake ad hoc testing on a maximum of 5 iPhone devices. You cannot recycle any of the 5 registered phones, i.e. once you have used one of your registrations for a particular phone, that registration is used and cannot be redeployed to another phone. (This restriction is a consequence of how Apple operates its developer policy.)


Installation for testing on the Android platform is much simpler. Once you are ready to test you app, we will supply the app file that can be downloaded and installed on the tester's Android phone. We will agree with you on the best mechanism for doing this.


How do you get your Tour app to the app stores?

Once your app is ready for release, Inovia Prime will upload it to Apple's App Store and the Android Marketplace.

Note that the app is registered as an app from Inovia Prime and we manage the relationship between the App Store/Marketplace and you with respect to revenues from selling the app. (See "How do you make money from your app?" below for more details.


How do you price your app?

We leave it up to you to decide on what price to charge for your app. However, note that there is a general expectation that apps are "cheap". Our guidance is that £2-3 is the maximum range that you should consider unless your app is aimed at a specialist high-value niche.


How do you receive revenue from your Tour app?

Once you app is loaded to the App Store or the Marketplace, it is available for people to download for the price you have set.

On a regular basis (set by the App Store and the Marketplace), Inovia Prime receives a report of sales and revenue from those sales. The revenues that we receive are net of a commission (usually 30-40%) that the store providers take. In addition, Inovia Prime deduct 30% of the net revenue that we receive as our fee for using the IPL Tour Framework and for our contribution to getting the app to the commercial market.

The remaining revenue will be your, as the Author.


How can you update your Tour app?

We recognise that you may need to update your app, for example, because information relating to an opening time of one of your tour sights has changed. We will therefore enable you to make one update to your app in each 12 month period. We will discuss and agree with you how best to make the change.

If you feel you need more frequent updates to your app, we can provide that but at an additional cost to be agreed with you.


If you're interested, what is the next step?

Your next step is to email and outline your tour app idea. If we agree, in principle, to publish your tour app, we will send you the Author Agreement. When you have returned a signed copy of the Agreement, we will then give you access to the restricted author's area where you can download the the "IPL Tour Framework Resource Package". This will give you the templates neccessary to assemble your tour app content and a detailed Tour Author Guide to assembling and submitting your tour content for publication.


Franchise opportunities for the IPL Tour Framework

If the IPL Tour Framework has worked for you, have you considered becoming a franchisee?

The IPL Tour Framework is a joint venture between Inovia Prime Ltd and Church Road Publishing. Inovia Prime provides the resources and capabilities to create the app, provide it to you for testing, upload the app to the app stores and receive and distribute revenues from the sales. If you wish to become a franchisee of the IPL Tour Framework so that you can offer the same service to others then we will be interested in talking to you about entering into a Franchise Agreement. Please contact Inovia Prime.


Download IPL Tour Framework resources