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What is the IPL Tour Framework?

The IPL Tour Framework has been developed so that you, the Author of the tour, do not need to be concerned with any technical programming. Instead, you can concentrate on designing and developing the content of your tour. Of course, there is some trade-off in this in that the Tour Framework provides a structure for the tour that the Author has to work within. However, we have designed a tour structure that, we believe, should allow you to design attractive, interesting and saleable tours.

The IPL Tour Framework produces tours for the Apple iPhone and most Android phones. We'll consider supporting the Apple iPad as well on a case-by-case basis but the main point is that we want to support the most portable devices that many tourist will be carrying.

There is a wealth of detail on the IPL Tour Framework. Click here to get to the detail. But, to summarise, the essential points of a tour, as developed using the IPL Tour Framework, are:

  • a tour is a sequence of up to 20 sights that are visited in sequence
  • at each sight, you can present the "tourist" with:
    • a sequence of photos of the sight
    • for each photo, a description of what's in the photo
    • general information about the sight such as opening times, entrance charges, facilities nearby, e.g. restaurants, pubs, hotels
    • directions to the NEXT and PREVIOUS sights
    • a link to a further splace of interest that the tourist can divert to
  • directions between sights that are clear and comprehensive as they:
    • provide traditional text directions, e.g. "walk to the end of the road", "turn left", etc
    • provide a series of photos that the author annotates to show the tourist the exact directions to walk
  • a map showing all the sights and diversions on the tour and, as long as the tourist has "location services" tourned on on their 'phone, their position on the map

I have a great idea for a tour. How do I become an author?

If you believe you have a great idea for a tour app, email us at with a brief description. Wewill check that your idea is novel and, if we agree to publish your tour, we will send you an Author Agreement for signature. The purpose of the Author Agreement is to

  • define the relationship between you, the Author, and us, the Publisher,
  • confirm that you own the copyright to the tour contents
  • give us the necessary permissions to use your content in the publication of the tour
  • confirm the methods by which you will be paid

How do I make money from my tour?

Here are some of the ways you can make money from your tour:

  • the traditional method, i.e. get a share of the revenue from selling the tour
  • include links in your tour to local businesses, e.g. restaurants, and charge the business for including the link and, perhaps, some advertising or discount voucher (We will be adding this capabilitity in the next major version update for the IPL Tour Framework.)
  • author a tour specifically for a major local business and charge them a fee for doing so

I want my tour to be Free-Of-Charge. Can I still get it published?

Yes, of course, however, if you expect to derive a stream of income from your tour by some means other than simply selling the tour app, we, the Publisher, will take an agreed portion of that income.

If you simply want to publish a tour free-of-charge for charitable purposes or, if you represent a non-profit organisation, we will make a flat charge for publishing your app that will cover our publishing costs.

What's the relationship between me and Inovia Prime?

Think of the realtionship as being equivalent to the relationship between the author of a book and their publisher. You are the Author; Inovia Prime is the Publisher. As in book publishing, Inovia Prime, as the Publisher, takes content from you, the Author, creates the publication, sells the publication and provides a share of the sales revenues to you, the Author.

There are a few areas where we differ from a traditional publisher:

  • we don't pay advances!
  • the distribution of the apps is done by the app stores (Apple App Store or Android Market) and these stores take a "cut" of the sales revenues.