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IPL Tour Framework Problems, Suggestions and Fixes

Date Version Problem/Suggestion Response
General   Note on downloading tour contents: This is a particular challenge for Android phones as their is a restricted amount of main memory on the phone. Instead, Android phones provide an internal SD Card for storage of apps and other assets that cannot fit in main memory. This is where we store the photos and text for our tours.
However, we can't load these direct to the internal SD Card when you download the app from the app store. Instead, we have to download these when you first use the app. This means that it is very important that you have a fast WiFi connection the first time that you run the app so that the tour content is downloaded quickly.
Downloading the content should not take more than 5 minutes. If it does, you should confirm that your WiFi connection is working at a reasonable speed (by testing the speed of access to other sites).
2 Aug 11 Android Back button on Android phones exits the app instead of returning to previous screen We are fixing this right now. Meanwhile, please use the Close button (with "X" in red circle) to close the current window and return to the previous screen.
2 Aug 11 Android Scrolling through pictures on an HTC phone is very slow We are investigating this. Seems to be specific to HTC as scrolling on a Samsung Galaxy S works fine.
11 Oct 11 Android Download of content does not continue after restart There may be some partial content left hanging around from an earlier attempt to download that is preventing the download from contuning. This partial content must be deleted so that the download can start cleanly again.

Under Applications on you Android device, look for a utility named “My Files”. (If you don't have this app, you can download a similar app such as AndroXplorer from the Android Market for free.)

Within "My Files", locate the tour content files in the folder /mnt/sdcard. Look there for a folder named com.inoviaprime.oxfordhighlights. Click and hold on this folder and you should get a menu that includes a "Delete" option. Delete the com.inoviaprime.oxfordhighlights folder.

Now restart the app and the download should restart.